Digital Imaging



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The first design is more of a compilation of different movie pieces focusing more on cinemas. The background is meant to look like a projection on a cinema screen with peoples heads visible at the bottom. The film strip running across the picture which shows frames of the countdown leader. The font I used for the “welcome to the movies” text was chosen to fit in with the cinema theme. This design was more focusing on my passion for movies at the cinema.

The second design focuses on movie releases and premieres. The background is black to create a contrast with the red and white. The red section is the red carpet present at a premiere and it leads off into a beam of light coming from what would be a cinema. The white flashes represents camera flashes that would be going off constantly. This design focuses on the release of big blockbuster movies, where all the cast and crew get together and show their film for the first time.

The last design is another basic idea. It just consists of different genres of films. They have a font that goes with the genre and a suitable accompanying picture.





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I decided to keep the first design simple using only black and white, to make it more striking. I came up with the phrase as I remember my mum and other family members saying things, when I was playing games, like “All that you do is go around shooting people” and “Guns this and guns that…” so in the design I used those phrases in a more humorous way using the phrase “It’s not all shooting people…. you get swords too”. It also plays humour on the arguments about video game violence, which I think is a completely ridiculous argument. To make the text more interesting, yet subtle with the design, I made the first part look as if were fired out of the gun and the second part looks as if it has been sliced by a sword.

The last design is focusing on the multiplayer aspect of gaming. The controllers represent players. They are connected to different locations all over the world. This is used to show that when you join a multiplayer game you are connecting to different people all over the world. I personally play lots of multiplayer games, more cooperative than competitive.

 The last design I also made simple similar to the first design. It is black and white and consists of many objects. The phrases reads “people that play games, have no life… they choose to have many.” I came up with this phrase when thinking about what people believe gamers are like when it may not be true. The objects in the design gives different examples of gaming persona. The guns could be for a soldier, mercenary, agent etc. The bow, arrows and sword could be for a fantasy character or knight. The different sports equipment for different sports. And so on.




Design 1 Design 2 Design 3

The first design shows an illustration of earth with a cable wrapped around it. This goes with the text reading “tied up in tech”. This was the idea because pretty much everything has some sort of technological variant or use nowadays. In some things the integration with tech can be useful and justified but in some things it is pointless eg wifi kettle (which is a real thing).

The second design is purely 1’s and 0’s that is because technology only consists of 1’s and 0’s (binary). This is made clear in the text reading “its all just” and the text is surrounded by the 1’s and 0’s. The font of the text is the colour and style of old computer monitors also keeping with the theme of tech.

The third design, similar to the previous design, contains 1’s and 0’s. They are all leading to the centre of the picture which is meant to show the working of a CPU, which pretty much all tech needs. The 1’s and 0’s are laid out like a circuit board, what is used to carry the signals to the CPU. The background is made to look like an actual circuit board.



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