Mr Whyte

The software I used, I have barely used before so it was all pretty much new to me, but it wasn’t too difficult to get used to and I quite enjoyed it. The silent video that I edited the sound to is called Mr Whyte. I used Adobe premiere pro to add the sounds to the video. I also used Adobe Audition and Audacity to edit and add effects to the sounds e.g. fade in and out, add echo, slow down, cut and merge. Most of the sounds I used were provided for me off of the server but some of them were downloaded from Freesound. I used Freesound so it would have a better variety of sounds that fit in with the video and to get sounds that were not available on the server. Most of the sounds were WAV files but one or two were MP3. The video had different environmental effects to consider e.g. walking outside, walking inside, walking up echoic stairwell etc.



We were to use sounds, that were supplied for us, to make an approximately 2 minute long music track. I have never done or thought about doing anything like this before, i have only ever listened to music, so it is all quite new. I have only ever relied on others to make it, but i gave it my best shot, the outcome is not the best but it never said that it has to be a work of art. The software I used was adobe audition. We were provided with a large variety of instrumental sounds from different genres. Be warned this track is pretty rubbish but it is the best I can do.


The project was to create a short audio file that was to contain the sounds of approaching footsteps, then a door opening, then a surprise ( the surprise was to be anything you wanted ), the sound of the door closing and the footsteps walking away. I used adobe premiere pro to put the sounds together. I used this software because I wanted some practise with it because we’re are going to be using it for the next project, Mr Whyte. Most of the sounds, we recorded when we were in groups e.g. the footsteps and doors. We used a Zoom H2 to record the sounds in MP3 which we then used to upload into our desired software. I also got a couple of sounds off of Freesound – that were WAV files – to use for the surprise. Putting the sounds together wasn’t difficult and didn’t take that long.