Jobs in the Games Industry (LO2)

Job 1 – LINK

Company – Crytek

Job Title – Level Designer

Location – Crytek UK, Nottingham

Salary – Not Specified

Job Description – They are looking for industry leading Level Designers to join the team. Working on both single and multiplayer experiences the successful candidate will become a key member of a creative group looking to shape the next wave of exciting triple-A first-person shooters.


  • Take ownership of a level and develop it from concept through to final

  • Use provided systems to craft compelling gameplay experiences

  • Create level and gameplay logic through use of visual scripting language

  • Work closely with the narrative team to incorporate story beats and cutscene requirements

  • Produce and maintain supporting documentation

  • Collaborate with other disciplines to produce the final gameplay and story experience


  • Experience using industry standard level design tools such as CryENGINE Sandbox, UDK or Hammer

  • Expertise in combat and layout design

  • Deep understanding of game mechanics with ability to combine existing elements to create depth of gameplay

  • Previously shipped AAA titles and/or exceptional quality portfolio

  • Ability to design levels which are sympathetic to art composition


  • Previous experience of building levels in CryENGINE Sandbox

  • Prior knowledge of visual scripting using CryENGINE Flow Graph

  • Demo / video examples of a level or gameplay sequence created using CryENGINE

Crytek is a German video game company, founded in 1999 by brothers Cevat, Avni and Faruk Yerli. Crytek’s main headquarters are in Frankfurt, with eight other studios in Kiev, Budapest, Nottingham, Sofia, Seoul, Shanghai, Istanbul and Austin. Crytek has partnerships with Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, NVIDIA, Intel, AMD, FMOD,Scaleform, Xoreax Software, Sparkasse Coburg, and Rating Services. Crytek’s most notable series of AAA games is Crysis. The series consists of 5 games; Crysis, Crysis Warhead (standalone expansion), Crysis Wars (multiplayer), Crysis 2 and Crysis 3. They also developed the first game in the Farcry series. All these games were created using their advanced CryEngine.

Job 2 – LINK

Company – Ubisoft, Massive

Job Title – Level Designer

Location – Malmö, Sweden

Salary – Not Specified

Job Description – Massive is looking for an experienced Level Designer to join an international team working on Tom Clancy’s The Division. In this position you will design and build the best gameplay experiences within the growing team of a large and exciting project. As a Level Designer at Massive, you will work closely with Level Artists to ensure an entertaining and beautiful game, where your job is to create high quality gameplay. Additionally, you will be working in close collaboration with the Lead Designer and Game Designers to define core game mechanics.


  • Design and build best-in-class gameplay scenarios

  • Guide a pod of Level Designers and Artists to take your scenarios from concept to final polish

  • Create level design that supports and enhances core mechanics

  • Collaborate with Game Designers to tweak and define enemy behaviors

  • Work together with Level Artists to ensure a beautiful game where form follows function


  • A solid understanding of player psychology

  • 3+ years of industry or other relevant experience

  • Worked as Level Designer on at least one released AAA title

  • Experience using game-specific editing packages such as UnrealEd, CryEngine, Hammer, etc.

  • Game scripting experience using Kismet, Lua or similar

  • Experience developing third-person action games

  • Extremely quality oriented

  • Strong communication skills

Additional skills

  • Experience working with iterative development and quick iterations

  • Experience working on an online multiplayer, co-operative or open-world game project

  • Experience using commercial 3D applications such as Maya or 3DS Max

  • Experience developing RPGs

  • Experience from other creative ventures (e.g. music, art, writing)

Massive Entertainment, a fully owned Ubisoft Entertainment studio, is a premier producer of games and interactive entertainment for the global market. The studio has more than 250 passionate game developers working on several major titles of different genres. They take pride in their games and so far they have had great success with best selling games like World in Conflict, Assassin’s Creed Revelations and Far Cry 3. These titles have positioned the company as one of the most prominent development studios in the world.

Job 3 – LINK

Company – Kwalee

Job Title – Level Designer

Location – Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

Salary – Depending on Experience

Job Description – Kwalee are seeking an experienced Games Level Designer to work on a 3 month contract. This position will be working within the development department and be responsible for designing levels for an action shooting game to be released on mobile devices.


  • A minimum of 2 years games level design / editing experience.

  • A proven track record of designing high quality and innovative games.

  • A creative mindset.

  • Be willing to work to tight deadlines within a small development team.

  • Experience of building levels in Unity, Unreal, Hammer or similar world editing software.

  • Specific experience with Unity 3D

  • A basic understanding of programming.

Kwalee Ltd is a developer and publisher of mobile games. It was founded in 2011 by David Darling who originally co-founded Codemasters in 1986. They seek to excite and entertain their customers with innovative new games that provide incredible experiences.


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