Typography Project

The following video is an example of kinetic typography with lyrics to a song, similar to what i am doing.



I used Adobe Premiere Pro to create my typography video. I imported a song into my project and created title stills for the lyrics. There was around 40 different text sequences after i had finished typing them. I then arranged the lyrics in order and went over them individually to make sure they were starting and ending in time with the music. I then used the animation tools to add different effects to the texts movement including positioning, scale, rotation and opacity. I done more than the required time for the typography so the last part of the song just has normal lyrics appearing just because i had already typed them, and I thought that there is nothing to show by deleting them, so I left them in. I finished by rendering the video and uploading to YouTube.


Abstract Project

The following is an example of abstract video



I created my basic abstract video using Adobe Premiere Pro and Particle Illusion (the worst software i have ever used). I was going to create a few short sequences with basic particle emitters in Particle Illusion, but the software continuously crashed and it got to the point where to program no longer opened on my computer even after downloading the trial from their own web site. I managed to get one short and basic sequence, which will have to do because it has wasted enough of my time. It still shows that i could create and use the software. I then imported to the sequence as an avi file to Premiere. I added a song to go with the video and repeated to video over the song. I added a fade at the end and rendered the video as an avi file and uploaded it to YouTube.

Montage Project

The following links are examples of montages in a similar style as I am doing.



This video is my montage which consists of various pictures of Dubai. I got the pictures from the internet and import them into Adobe Premiere Pro. I then created a title and end screen within premiere. I then set each image to last 6 seconds on screen, this time included the fade in and out which i added to all the pictures. The pictures were then arranged in an appropriate order. I also added a song to the sequence to make it more interesting (Baba O’Riley – The Who). Once everything was added and in place I rendered the final sequence as an AVI file, and uploaded it to YouTube.